collection robot


The Holabot IPX5 interior compartments allow Holabot to resist possible fluid spillage, leaving it intact.

holabot impermeable

high load capacity

Thanks to its high load capacity of 60 kg, Holabot can transport more products in a single trip and attend to the tasks assigned to it more efficiently.

carga holabot

localisation device

Locate and assign tasks to Holabot from a digital clock.

voice recognition

Holabot features an omnidirectional microphone with 6 microphone drivers, which allows it to recognise the source of the sound and react in a natural way.


Dimensions (mm)
542 * 534 * 1228
Weight (Kg)
Load capacity (Kg)
60 ( 15 Kg/compartment)
Loading time
4.5 hours
Battery life
10 hours - 24 hours
Speed in cruise mode
0.2 m/s - 1.2 m/s
Degree of protection

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