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LED screen for outdoor advertising in Madrid

The front of the Moncloa metro station in Madrid is now illuminated with the Supernova Platinum PRO LED screen from SYNETECH.

Situated in the central area of Madrid, the Moncloa interchange is home to a large part of the intercity transport in the northwest of the city, making it one of the busiest points in the capital. Thus, big brands invest to advertise on the Supernova Platinum PRO LED screen in search of exponentially increasing their notoriety.

Its Pixel Pitch of 6.67 and brightness of up to 10,000 nits, allows passers-by to perfectly visualise the content of the LED screen, from any point and despite the reception of direct sunlight.

The 3-sided design with a subtle and elegant curvature finish allows the content to move smoothly across the different sides of the LED screen, creating a visual and luminous spectacle that catches the eye of passers-by and envelops the Interchange building.

The consumption of the screen ranges between 200V and 550V, making it one of the most sustainable and competitive LED screens for outdoor advertising on the market.

The technical characteristics and layout of the screen allow for the reproduction of 3D content, making it one of the first LED screens with augmented reality installed in the capital.

Pantalla Publicitaria para exteriorPantalla Publicitaria para exteriorPantalla Publicitaria para exterior

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