Pantalla LED para exterior

Outdoor LED screen at the Plaza Elíptica interchange in Madrid.

Madrid Metro is committed to the digitalisation of its facilities with the incorporation of the Supernova Platinum Pro LED screen for outdoor advertising by SYNETECH, on the large façade of the Plaza Elíptica Interchange.

Plaza Elíptica is one of the main stations in Madrid, serving as a communication bridge between the southern area of Madrid and the metropolitan area of the capital. Around 60,000 users use its facilities every day, placing the SYNETECH Supernova Platinum Pro LED display in a privileged location for brand advertisers.

More than 20m2 of LED display illuminate the entrance of the Interchange, making passers-by raise their eyes and feel attracted by the sensorial display, which evokes the Supernova Platinum Pro series.

Its high resolution means that the content is displayed with great clarity, allowing every detail of the image to be perfectly visible with a vivid and realistic colour representation, stimulating the attention of passers-by.

With a Pixel Pitch of 4.81 and a brightness of up to 10. 000nits, the content displayed on the LED screen can be viewed perfectly from any point outside the Interchange, even in direct sunlight.

The low power consumption and high degree of protection of the Supernova Platinum PRO series make it the most competitive LED outdoor advertising display on the market.

pantalla publicidad exteriorpantalla publicidad exterior

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