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It is becoming increasingly common for hotels to allocate part of their facilities to professional events, where business relations are fostered and an environment conducive to closer communications is created.

This is the case of a hotel, located in the town of Cuenca, which decided to transform its auditorium into a dynamic space with great visual impact through the integration of the All in One LED screen, Raptor series, from SYNETECH.

The auditorium, known as ACECOM, has been transformed into a sensory stimulation space, thanks to the All in One Raptor LED display of 220" and a Pixel Pitch of 2.5, distributed by SYNETECH. This results in an incredible high definition resolution in Full HD, allowing viewers to feel and enjoy the colour scheme.

This spectacular giant LED screen of 10.62 square metres, not only makes a visual impact with its large dimensions and high quality image definition; it also boosts the dynamism of the presentations, through its collaborative technology and its high level of connectivity, with no need for wiring to share information between the All in One LED screen and other devices (computer, mobile phone, tablet).

Now in this hotel in Cuenca, business relations will be more fluid and natural, thanks to its magnificent auditorium and the All in One LED screen, Raptor series, by SYNETECH.


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