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Micro LED LED Display

The Immersif Pro LED display represents the latest in innovation. Thanks to Micro LED technology, the Immersif Pro series has an extraordinary color reproduction capability, creating images with great depth and solving the color banding problems visible in other LED displays.

With the Immersif Pro LED display, colours are more vivid than ever.

An impressive Micro LED display for striking settings


LED Home Cinema

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LED meeting room display

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Superior Brightness

The Micro LED technology considerably increases the brightness and contrast of the Immersif Pro LED display, allowing the content to be displayed perfectly, even in bright environments.

The first LED display that adapts to your needs

Compatibility with different LED technologies.

The Immersif Pro LED display integrates a universal cabinet and HUB card. Thus, it is compatible with different LED manufacturing technologies: SMD, COB, GOB and MIP, adapting easily to any Pixel Pitch dimension.

LED Technology

Simple and Clean Installation

Receiver Card


Unlike other LED monitors, the Immersif Pro display can work with a 5G receiver card, reducing up to 30% of the cost for excess cabling.

Accuracy in the


Through CNC manufacturing, the connection between the cabinets is made through a high-precision part, reducing installation time considerably.

5G LED Display

Energy Efficiency Guarantee

Towards a more sustainable world
Micro LED LED Display

By not requiring LED backlighting to operate, the Immersif Pro display consumes up to 30% less power than conventional monitors.

In addition, the hidden design of its ventilation system increases the durability of the product considerably by preventing dust particles from entering the fan and damaging the LED display.

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